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Apartment buildings are one of the most common types of housing. It seems like they’re everywhere! You may not have realized this, but apartments usually need Big Will's Towing & Recovery services for cars parked in no-parking zones or outside their assigned space. Why do landlords contract towing companies? There are different reasons why landlords may contract Big Will's Towing & Recovery. It can be for safety reasons, financial incentives, or convenience. The most common reasons why landlords do this are as follows:. Contracted towing companies are more efficient than the local police In many cases, the police tow a vehicle and then leave it in a lot for days until the vehicle owner picks up their car. This is utterly inconvenient for residents who have to take time out of their day or find transportation while waiting to get their car towed back home from the impound lot! On the other hand, contracted companies pick up the vehicles and deliver them back to their respective owners.

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